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Educational Preschool Learning Activities for Kids

Blog Irresistible Ideas for play based learning ideas for play based learning

EU travelling library

ESL-Kids - Flashcards, Worksheets, Games and Songs

Piccolingo Campaign for Early Foreign Language - EUROPA
European information portal on early language learning and multilingualism - including a database of best practices, initiatives, learning resources

Online games for kids / Gry dla dzieci i gry online dla wszystkich
All kind of games (mazes, puzzles, catching, colouring, racing, mahjong, ...) on different topics and related to well-known heroes

Mehrsprachigkeit in der Familie und bilinguale Erziehung
Website of Elke Montanari - a linguistic with special focus on bilingual education

Deutsch-polnische Elterninitiative zur Förderung der Zweisprachigkeit
Polish-German initiative advocating bilingual education

Dwujęzyczność w przedszkolu / Zweisprachigkeit im Kindergarten
portal informing parents and educators about bilingual preschool-education - models, curricula

Dzieci OnLine
games, puzzles, colouring and dressing games, well-known illustrated stories from Polish authors for pre-school kids

Games for kids / Gry dla dzieci - Polish, French, German, French
very well-done portal offering games in four languages: Polish, French, German, English. Most of them are in a way that you have to follow simple instructions -  there is language learning, too, although not in the first line supported by the Polish ministry of Education, the British council and the Goethe Institut

Cambridge Journal on Bilingualism

ToonUniversity - Online Language Arts Dept. Games List
several online-activities for pre-school and all grades from 1st to 6th: mainly tracing and recognizing letters, sorting, grabbing letters and more-or-less interactive stories for all ages

Alí, Internet pro děti : Domeček
news for kids, quizzes, painting games, fairy tales as digital books
Polish culture for kids - games, information

Learn Languages Online with
Big online learning portal serving various languages. Registration required.

BBC - Languages - A Guide to Polish - Facts, key phrases and ...
BBC Language Learning Portal. Quite small section for Polish. Much bigger and with more content for other languages.

abc-linguatour | Sprach Lern Computer Spiel
Begib dich auf eine Reise durch das verzauberte Land einer neuen Sprache.

lost in... - Interactive Language Learning Adventure on DVD-ROM
Slip into the role of the young Sophie Best, or her brother Max, and set out on a top secret (language) mission full of surprises and new learning experiences. - Polish educational games
topics: English, German, Polish, physics, mathematics, history, geography etc.

Do You Know Polska ?
a visual and interactive dictionary of slang terms that describe Poland as seen by the young generation of Poles

Włącz Polskę- educational materials for Polish kids
data base with educational materials for Polish children abroad (age groups: 5 - 9, 10 - 13, +14)

Advice and information for bilingual families based on ...
ressources and advices for bilingual families webpage of a research group trying to bridge the gap between researchers and bilingual communities

Oneness City, Lithuania - ONENESS CITY
language portal offering language courses for Estonian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Polish or Portuguese languages. typical e-learning exercises, grammar instruction

Mission Europe

Ciufcia - Educational Games for Polish Kids (pre-school)

Up to ten: Educational games and activities for preschool and primary ...
over 800 interactive games for kids 0-6 and 6-10, covering a all types of games: puuzles, mazes, creative games, memory, catching, hide&seek, sorting, making choices and a lot more

(Interactive) Reader for Czech kids (5-8)
Kind of workbook with printouts for Czech children, offers texts and tasks on the basis of a simple story

Ulli Uhu - Das Spiel / The game
educational game on environmental issues for Czech and German children (age: primary school)

Dorling Kindersley (DK)
Publishing house offering a wide range of educational literature

Dětské stránky
webpage for Czech kids, songs and rhymes, puzzles, creative games

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