Auf dieser Seite finden Sie weiterführende Links zum Sprachenlernen und zum Thema Bilingualität.

Educational Preschool Learning Activities for Kids

Blog Irresistible Ideas for play based learning ideas for play based learning

EU travelling library

ESL-Kids - Flashcards, Worksheets, Games and Songs

Piccolingo Campaign for Early Foreign Language - EUROPA
European information portal on early language learning and multilingualism - including a database of best practices, initiatives, learning resources

Online games for kids / Gry dla dzieci i gry online dla wszystkich
All kind of games (mazes, puzzles, catching, colouring, racing, mahjong, ...) on different topics and related to well-known heroes

Mehrsprachigkeit in der Familie und bilinguale Erziehung
Website of Elke Montanari - a linguistic with special focus on bilingual education

Deutsch-polnische Elterninitiative zur Förderung der Zweisprachigkeit
Polish-German initiative advocating bilingual education

Dwujęzyczność w przedszkolu / Zweisprachigkeit im Kindergarten
portal informing parents and educators about bilingual preschool-education - models, curricula

Dzieci OnLine
games, puzzles, colouring and dressing games, well-known illustrated stories from Polish authors for pre-school kids

Games for kids / Gry dla dzieci - Polish, French, German, French
very well-done portal offering games in four languages: Polish, French, German, English. Most of them are in a way that you have to follow simple instructions -  there is language learning, too, although not in the first line supported by the Polish ministry of Education, the British council and the Goethe Institut

Cambridge Journal on Bilingualism

ToonUniversity - Online Language Arts Dept. Games List
several online-activities for pre-school and all grades from 1st to 6th: mainly tracing and recognizing letters, sorting, grabbing letters and more-or-less interactive stories for all ages

Alí, Internet pro děti : Domeček
news for kids, quizzes, painting games, fairy tales as digital books
Polish culture for kids - games, information

Learn Languages Online with
Big online learning portal serving various languages. Registration required.

BBC - Languages - A Guide to Polish - Facts, key phrases and ...
BBC Language Learning Portal. Quite small section for Polish. Much bigger and with more content for other languages.

abc-linguatour | Sprach Lern Computer Spiel
Begib dich auf eine Reise durch das verzauberte Land einer neuen Sprache.

lost in... - Interactive Language Learning Adventure on DVD-ROM
Slip into the role of the young Sophie Best, or her brother Max, and set out on a top secret (language) mission full of surprises and new learning experiences. - Polish educational games
topics: English, German, Polish, physics, mathematics, history, geography etc.

Do You Know Polska ?
a visual and interactive dictionary of slang terms that describe Poland as seen by the young generation of Poles

Włącz Polskę- educational materials for Polish kids
data base with educational materials for Polish children abroad (age groups: 5 - 9, 10 - 13, +14)

Advice and information for bilingual families based on ...
ressources and advices for bilingual families webpage of a research group trying to bridge the gap between researchers and bilingual communities

Oneness City, Lithuania - ONENESS CITY
language portal offering language courses for Estonian, Finnish, Lithuanian, Polish or Portuguese languages. typical e-learning exercises, grammar instruction

Mission Europe

Ciufcia - Educational Games for Polish Kids (pre-school)

Up to ten: Educational games and activities for preschool and primary ...
over 800 interactive games for kids 0-6 and 6-10, covering a all types of games: puuzles, mazes, creative games, memory, catching, hide&seek, sorting, making choices and a lot more

(Interactive) Reader for Czech kids (5-8)
Kind of workbook with printouts for Czech children, offers texts and tasks on the basis of a simple story

Ulli Uhu - Das Spiel / The game
educational game on environmental issues for Czech and German children (age: primary school)

Dorling Kindersley (DK)
Publishing house offering a wide range of educational literature

Dětské stránky
webpage for Czech kids, songs and rhymes, puzzles, creative games

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